Mr. Tuttle Versus the Wind

Middle Grade

      Mr. Tuttle, a young Brooklyn raccoon, has a life of plenty—compost piles, vegetable gardens and an endless supply of yummy garbage, all laid out like a buffet in the backyards below his sleeping perch high up in the Great Tree. But two events are about to turn Mr. Tuttle’s world on its head: a pair of evil poodles who want to banish all wild animals from the backyards and return them to nearby Prospect Park; and the approach of a super hurricane, the first in history to cause a complete evacuation of the city. Suddenly finding himself fighting for his life and the lives of his friends, Mr. Tuttle will need all his raccoon wiles—and will have to break all the rules that govern the lives of wild animals in a human city—to defeat the poodles and escape the wind.    
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Mr. Smith Goes to Mars

Adult Sci-Fi/Comedy

      It is the year 2160, and Smith, an advertising executive, has just arrived in Utopia City, the capital of Mars, to set up the red planet's first ad agency. But before he can even meet with his first client, a case of mistaken identity lands him in the hands of the Actionists, a shadowy rebel group working to set Mars free from its corporate masters on Earth. Smith's life plan gets an unexpected alteration as he finds himself working not only for his boss in the main office in New York, the legendary Sir Robert Peppercorn, but also for the mysterious and beautiful Vector, with whom Smith has fallen deeply and instantly in love. Both forces set him on a collision course toward Mars' biggest secret, an ancient fossil that may just prove, once and for all, that life did not begin on Earth. But is Vector and the Actionists really who they say they are? Is Smith really an ad man? Is the fossil a fake? Nothing on Mars is quite what it seems to be.
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