What I write
I began my writing career in the third grade, writing stories about Curious George. Curious George Meets the Werewolf and Curious George Meets Dracula were among my more notable successes. But I have since moved on from that type of heavy-handed, sturm-und-drang fiction. Today, I prefer to write about lighter topics, such as advertising, zombies, elephants, Mars, raccoons and cake, to name just a few. Let other writers tackle the heavy stuff. 


      I grew up in London and New York, and am reasonably fluent in both languages. For a long time I lived a kind of nomadic life in Brookyn, keeping always one step ahead of those who would seek to raise my rent to truly astronomical levels. They finally caught up with me in Park Slope, and soon after, I went into self-imposed exile in Westchester.
      It took some time but I have now become accustomed to the silence of the ‘burbs. Actually, it's been a revelation. While the entire world continues to migrate into the great megalopolis to the south, like matter into a collapsing neutron star, I discovered that I am happy to seek out the empty spaces, the undiscovered spaces, even the abandoned spaces that everyone else has left behind. With some surprise, I realized I’d been looking for these spaces all my life.
      I have a lovely wife and three talented children and, over the years, have enjoyed the company of a number of truly excellent dogs. Currently, I share my backyard with several deer, a raccoon family and a woodchuck. We are all very happy to be here.